Choosing A Quality Shade Sail is a Must
Choosing A Quality Shade Sail is a Must

If you have a large outdoor area where you regularly entertain guests, a shade sail can be a great investment.

In the coastal NSW climate, making the most of the sea and sun is always a great idea. Shade sails make anywhere look good, and can be dismantled when they’re not needed. They are also excellent value for money.

For these reasons, it’s not surprising shade sails are popular. However, as suppliers of shade sails Coffs Harbour residents and businesses come to, we know there’s no substitute for quality.

Wide Coverage

Shade sails work by providing the maximum amount of coverage against the weather. This mainly means the sun, but it also applies to the wind and rain. As the name implies, a sail needs to be rigged appropriately for the conditions.

With professional help, it’s possible to provide comfort for you and your guests in almost all conditions. To do this, however, you really do need the right equipment.

The best quality shade sails offer complete protection against UV radiation. They are made from high quality material, and designed and stitched to extremely high standards. If properly set up, an arrangement of shade sails will provide as much cover as a permanent roofed structure.

Meanwhile, the fresh air is free to circulate under and around people while they relax.

In order to achieve this, a shade sail set-up has to be very sturdy. Any weaknesses will result in breaches from the elements, be that wind, rain, or harmful UV. Drooping material compromises the whole principle of shade sails, making them a wasted investment. As well as this, of course, they don’t look good, and can be quite off-putting.

Perfect Features

The shade sails Coffs Harbour people prefer cover a few bases. When investing in these products, it pays to make sure your sail does the same. Firstly, the cloth has to be the right quality.

This is the basis for the entire sail, so it needs to be made of the right stuff. It should be completely proof against UV when properly installed. Good quality sails will also resist water and fire, as well as repeated use.

As well as the right material, your sail needs to be properly engineered. From the stitchwork on the sail to the fixtures and rigging which support it, your structure needs to stay strong. They should do this without the sail sagging, and without any unwanted movement during high winds.

Finally, your sail should be covered by warranty. A good manufacturer will fully back their product, which gives extra peace of mind you’ve made a smart investment.

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