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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the UV-R % block the same for all colours and shades of fabrics?

No. The sun has a different effect on each colour, therefore each colour will have a different UV-R percentage. For example, the darker shades such as black can be up to 99% UV-R block whilst white is only 78%. In addition, the UV-R % block can differ significantly between different makes of shade cloth.

Should I deal with a registered Shade Provider?

Most states, if not all, require companies to hold a contractor’s licence. We suggest you ask suppliers for references and check out examples of their work along with their licence. A good indication of a quality supplier is their timing for the initial appointment, how long you wait for the quotation and, most importantly, the quality of their presentation.

Do shade sails and structures require maintenance?

Yes. Basic maintenance and care on a regular basis is necessary to ensure your installation retains its original look and shape. Regular cleaning and inspection of the shade sail will ensure a long life of the fabric. For assistance, contact your supplier.

How do you clean the shade sail and structures?

The best cleaning method for most shade sails is using sugar soap and a soft bristle brush. Work the soap into the fabric and leave it for 15-20 minutes, then rinse. If your shade sail has hard to move dirt and grime, we recommend Wet & Forget commercial grade cleaner.

What sort of warranty do you provide?

The majority of high quality fabrics that we use come with a 10 year pro rata warranty. We can provide you with more detailed information as requested. Our posts and brackets are galvanised steel and come with a 7 year warranty. We provide a 10 year warranty with all of our shade structures.

How are shade sails designed?

With our help you get to choose how your shade sail will look. You can be certain that together we will come up with a colour and design concept that you will be happy with. We will come and sit down with you to work out exactly what you want, whether your job is big or small.

What sort of thread do you use?

We use premium UV treated polyester thread on all our sewn products and high frequency welding on our vinyl products.

Can you provide Engineering Certifications?

Yes. All shade sail certifications are to a wind rating N2 for this area and our shade structures are W41. We are happy to provide this at cost.

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