Awnings Vs Shade Sails: What’s The Difference?
Awnings Vs Shade Sails: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to creating comfortable outdoor spaces, the right shading solution is essential. Both awnings and shade sails offer shade and affix to the outside of your home, but what are the differences? Which solution is best for your home? To help you make your decision, our Coffs Harbour team compare awnings and shade sails and list each of their benefits.

What Are Awnings?

Awnings are versatile shade structures that are typically attached to the exterior walls of buildings. They consist of a fabric or vinyl material stretched over a frame to provide shade and shelter. Awnings come in various styles, including retractable and fixed options. They can be customised to match the architectural style of your property, offering a cohesive and visually pleasing look.

    What Are Shade Sails?

    Shade sails, also known as sun sails or sunshades, are fabric canopies that are suspended between anchor points to create shade. They offer a modern and sleek aesthetic, making them a popular choice for contemporary outdoor spaces for homes and businesses alike.

    Shade sails are available in different shapes (usually triangles, rectangles and squares) allowing for customisable designs. They are made from high-quality, UV-resistant fabric that provides excellent protection against the Australian sun’s harmful rays. Shade sails are extremely versatile and can be easily installed in various locations, including gardens, patios and playgrounds.

    Choosing Between Awnings And Shade Sails: Factors To Consider

    • Space: Awnings are better for narrower spaces close to the building, while shade sails can provide coverage over larger areas.
    • Aesthetics: Awnings may be more appropriate for traditional or classic structures, while shade sails offer a more modern and stylish look and can be customised to match your property’s aesthetic.
    • Installation: Awnings typically take longer to install, whereas shade sails are quick to put up and quick to take down. A shade sail professional can install a shade sail quickly and efficiently.
    • Budget: Awnings will vary in price, but generally have a higher initial cost. Shade sails are much more affordable.

    Looking For High-Quality Shade Sails In Coffs Harbour?

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