Making A Carport with Shade Sails
Making A Carport with Shade Sails

Having a carport for your vehicle is a great idea. Rather than a garage extension which blocks the view, open-sided ports offer the best of both worlds. You protect your vehicle from the worst of the weather, and your home still has an open feel about it. What’s even better, you can take them down if you ever feel the need. Shade sail carports take the concept just a step further.

They look great, work great and represent great value. As makers of shade sails Port Macquarie people love, we can design and fit the car port you really want. 

Made to Measure

One of the many great things about shade sail structures is flexibility of design. In the right hands, materials can be cut and joined to fit almost any space. Whatever the layout of your home or business premises, you can have a structure to fit right in. Your car port can cover your vehicle completely, with a little extra coverage if you want it.

Similarly, the range of colours available for shade sails gives a high level of choice. Combined with the design of the structure itself, this can help it fit in with your exterior. A well designed and constructed shade sail structure can really enhance the look of a building’s frontage. The fact that your vehicle also benefits from weather protection is an added bonus.

Shade sails just look great at the coast. With the levels and amount of sunshine in the area, it’s a natural look to have. Beach umbrellas are everywhere, both temporary and permanent. With a shade sail carport, you’re both blending in and adding to the look of the area. And the best thing is, they’re totally weatherproof.

Strong Structures

Structures made of shade sails Port Macquarie home and business owners use are also extremely tough. Although they look sleek, carports and other enclosures are manufactured to resist all the climate throws at them. Of course, this also helps when younger family members are running around the place.

As with all other types of structure, shade sail constructions come with a wind rating. In the Port Macquarie area, this is N2. Any shade sail structure should be certified to withstand these weather conditions. Also, depending on the colour of your material, you can guarantee UV-R protection. Black sails give 99% protection, which is good for your vehicle and anyone under the shade.

Your shade sail carport should also come with a warranty. A trusted local manufacturer will guarantee their products for ten years. This competes with warranties for structures made of other materials, such as metal or plastic.

Find Out More

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