Top Three Industrial Shade Structure Designs
Top Three Industrial Shade Structure Designs

Shade structures can be a benefit all year round, not just when it is sunny and hot.

These structures can make things much more comfortable even when cooler days arrive.

Some of the advantages of shade structures include protection from not only sun but noise, rain, dust, and even snow in some areas.

These structures are beneficial year-round.

Below are our top three favourites for commercial shade requirements.

Our Top Three Picks for Industrial Shade Structure Designs

Cantilever Structures

These shade structures are both strong and functional and have very little impact on the ground. There are not many posts involved with the cantilever option, and they are off to one side of the structure.

Low-profile posts, which do not obstruct views, are crucial when protecting shopping centres, sporting venues, car park areas, schools, and other businesses.

This is especially true for sporting venues where people want to see the action and for car parks where it is important to have good visibility for parking and to reduce accidents.

The coverage of the cantilever structure also keeps cars dry and cooler for car park users when they are shopping or working.

Multi-Panel Structures

This unique-looking type of shade structure is achieved by using several fabric tops.

Each panel is positioned and configured in multiple levels which provides great shade.

This use of multi-level designs also creates an appealing look.

Different colours can be combined to achieve a customizable structure with a unique appearance.

This variety of colours can be perfect for sports teams or colour schemes for certain brands.

You can find many different shape-styles with multi-panel structures such as pyramids, octagons, hexagons and more.

Hip Structures

This shade structure is available with a slanted roof although they are characteristically built with a straight, clean roofline.

Generally, the slanted option is best for areas that not only need sun protection, but sleet, rain or snow protection as these elements roll smoothly off of slanted shades.

As one of the most cost-effective options, Hip structures are very popular.

These sturdy, stable structures are perfect for providing cover and shade for both small and large areas.

Hip structures can also be joined together to cover car parks and long walkways which need longer cover.

Hip structures are excellent for many different commercial areas such as covered car parks, playgrounds, outdoor event spaces, and multiple seating areas.

How to get a quote for industrial shade structure designs

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