Keeping Your Shade Sails Clean Year Round
Keeping Your Shade Sails Clean Year Round

Shade sails are an excellent choice for many homes and businesses on the NSW coast.

A mixture of practicality and style, these structures give excellent protection and a relaxed, coastal feel.

They do their job so well, it can be tempting to leave them in place month after month.

To get the best out of your shade sails, however, you need to look after them and keep them clean.

As suppliers of shade sails Port Macquarie residents and business owners come to, we recommend doing this all year round.

Do’s and Don’ts

Shade sails are specially manufactured to resist the sun, wind and rain. Part of this process means treating their material so it blocks UV radiation completely.

When cleaning, it’s essential not to damage the fabric of the sail itself. This means avoiding acidic chemicals of any kind.

Sails should be cleaned with mild detergent, dissolved in plenty of water.

Never put shade sails into washing machines or driers of any kind. These employ heat, which again can damage the fabric of the sails.

Cleaning should be done by hand, using slightly warm or tepid water. Don’t use anything too stiff, like hard brushes, or anything with metal, such as scouring pads.

Also, don’t be tempted to go at the sail with an abrasive cleaner.

It’s best to use a mop or brush with long, soft bristles. All you’re doing is applying detergent to the top layer of the sail, to shift any dirt.

After you’ve applied detergent, rinse the sail off with fresh, clean water. If you’ve got a garden hose handy, that’ll be perfect for the job.

Good Conditions

The shade sails Port Macquarie people love should be cleaned on a sunny day.

You want to give it plenty of time to dry out naturally after you’ve finished.

Dismantle the sail structure, and stretch the material out on your lawn, or in the yard. If your sail needs a really good clean, you can use a high pressure hose.

Choosing a sunny day means you can take your time and work methodically.

Work the high pressure water across the sail in sections. You may want to spend a bit of extra time on the stitchwork, where unsightly grime can build up.

Also, areas which adjoin framework or rigging can sometimes attract extra dirt and insects.

Once your sail is thoroughly dry, you can re-rig it and check for tension. It’s always a good idea to clean the other parts of your shade sail set-up.

Once everything’s rigged up, you’re good to go for another few weeks.

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