How to Prepare for The Heat with Commercial Shade Structures
How to Prepare for The Heat with Commercial Shade Structures

When you have an outdoor living space, either for a domestic area such the conservatory or for commercial reasons including outside seating and event spaces, you need to try to provide some kind of shade for users.

Growing increasingly popular with Australians from all walks of life, commercial shade structures such as those offered by Jon Wilson Canvas & Shade could be the ideal way to protect yourself and others from the sun.

Reduce light rays inside your space

What is the biggest cause of heat during hot summer days? It tends to be the direct rays of sunlight that penetrate every area of the yard or commercial space during the warmer months.

Radiation from these rays intensifies the heat and makes it virtually impossible for you to keep cool in this weather.

Shade structures can help you to reduce this effect by blocking light rays.

Keeping areas cool

Another important factor that can benefit from using Jon Wilson Canvas & Shade products is the ability to keep a particular spot cool throughout the day.

A constant cover of shade will mean that the area never becomes overheated.

Reduction of magnified heat

When you cover glass spaces such as conservatories with shade sail, you can reduce the impact of summer heat in your outdoor spaces.

Sunlight penetrating through glass gets magnified, increasing its intensity and making everyone inside very uncomfortable.

The use of shading will prevent the heat from being excessive when you are under glass.

Bespoke designs

Because you will be using these shade sails a great deal in your outside spaces, you need to make sure that they look as good as possible.

Most importantly, they have to be attractive to your guests, whether they are visiting your home or are customers of your business.

Fortunately, you are able to find a fantastic range of different shade sails in Jon Wilson Canvas & Shade, that will really look the part.

Getting the best from your shade sails

When you want to protect your outside spaces with commercial shade structures, such as awnings, retractable systems and support posts, Jon Wilson Canvas & Shade is the ideal business for you.

We can help you to pick out the perfect shade materials for your commercial business, the right angles for complete shape protection, and offer you support for your shading during the hot summer months.

To find out how we can help you further, contact us today online or call us on 02-6658-0888 now.

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